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Canine Hairdresser

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We offer a one-of-a-kind de-shed that is guaranteed to make you smile.

1st time       Maintenace (6-8wks)
Small/Med.-$55+             $35+
Large/xl-$75                     $55+


Putting Your Pet First

Our average time is 30-60min for your pets' haircut. We understand some dogs can be goofy, not have table manners, seniors who require extra help or be temperamental & thats ok!  However please be understanding that all those take extra time which will result in extra fees. ($1 per min)
If we have to pre-shave your pet due to matting, it's an additional charge starting at $25. This is because we are now grooming your dog twice.

Deluxe Upgrade

Pamper your pup

Nail Filing * Teeth Brushing* Coat Condition Spray* Anal Glands *Ear Plucking * Paws Scrub/ Balm* Sugar Scrub* Detoxifying Shampoo * Whitening Shampoo* Treat Bag

Puppy Program

Where we become your pups best friend

Not all puppies are ready to have a haircut. We recommend all puppies start the grooming process at 16 weeks.  This way they can get use to a simple bath and blow out, nails clipped, and use to the environment. We do not force any dog into a groom especially a young one. They don't understand yet, so we get them ready & give you tips to help them at home. 
Starts at $53


Let us help you

We have packages created to help you & your busy lifestyle. We offer monthly bath packages as well as grooming packages. All packages also give you a little discount as well. 
Call/text us for more info.


From dirty to dapper

Small- $28
Prices can increase due to temperament.
A $20 charge is applied if we see fleas.

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