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Cagayan Plain, Aklan, and Aklan.- (Aklan is a country in the Philippines).- Cagayan Province, a province in the Philippines, is located in the northeastern part of the country. It is on the Island of Panay, the second largest island of the Philippines. The provincial capital is Iloilo City. Its area is 19,287 km2, covering 16.095% of the country's land area.- Cagayan Plain in the central part of the province, lying between the Aklan and Antique gulfs, is the thickly forested region of the island which is of great importance to its economy. It was declared a Natural Park in 1958.- Aklan.- Aklan is a province located in the northern tip of Panay island in the Philippines. It is the third most populous province in the Philippines after Manila and Cavite.- It borders the provinces of Antique and Capiz and the Pacific Ocean.- It has a land area of 11,371 km² and a population of 6,624,000 people. Its provinces are: Aklan, Antique, Capiz, Iloilo.- People: -It is a province in the Philippines and is governed by an elected governor and vice governor. Its name comes from a tribal group of Aklan's indigenous people known as the Aklanon, who are of Austronesian origin. The Aklanon people were mostly farmers who make up the majority of the province's population. Today, the Aklanon people mostly engage in fishing, farming and trade.- The first capital of the province was Iloilo and the current capital is the municipality of Tubao. Cagayan de Oro is its oldest capital and the newest capital is the city of Antique. Several important cities of the province are of note. They are: Iloilo, Roxas, Bgy. Kalibo, Santa Rita and San Jose.- The province is the largest of the Panay group of islands and the third most densely populated in the Philippines. It also has one of the most educated population of the Philippines. Most of the provincial and municipal office buildings are situated in Iloilo, the province's capital.- Forestry: It has many parks such as the three Cagsawaian Natural Parks, the Maya-angat Ecological Sanctuary, Maya Natural Park, Panganiban Natural Park, Cayugan Natural Park, Aklan's Creche Forest, the Cagayan de Oro Central Park, the Poblacion Park, the

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!!TOP!! PDFMate PDF Converter Pro 1.7.2 Patch [SWEG].rar Setup Free

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