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This Deshed isn’t your basic “furminator." Asher created this one-of-a-kind, 5 step process, based off of his shepherds, labs, & cats that he’s had over the years.

This caused him to be able to master a Deshed to for short & long haired breeds as well as cats. Please note that your first time visit is the most expensive because it’s the most invasive, after that, we set you up in a 6-8 weeks maintenance Deshed that saves you a lot of money! 

We have two times a year that the price increases - when we blow their winter & summer coat. 

Don’t jump to shave your dog (which is actually harmful for undercoated dogs), call and allow us to show you a miracle. 

First time visit pricing: 

Short & long hair with NO undercoat

  • Sm-med - $45+

  • Lrg-XL - $55+


  • Sm-med - $55+

  • Lrg-XL - $75+

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