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Having a Bath

Let your dog relax and be pampered by us. Our baths vary from “basic” bath to “deluxe” bath. We offer packages that will fit your budget. All bath packages include the toenails clipped, ears cleaned, bath, & blowout, as well as something cute to wear to show off their spa day. 

Basic pricing: 

Small - $28

Med - $33

Large - $38

XL - $48

Deluxe pricing: 

Small - $58

Med - $63

Large - $68

XL - $78

The deluxe adds nail filing, teeth brushing, whitening shampoo or coat brightening, a detoxifying shampoo, paw scrub/balm, anal gland expression, coat conditioning spray, a treat bag & now offering a full body sugar scrub. This scrub helps with allergies, itching, yeasty smells & is all natural.  Our balm helps protect against hot/cold/rough surfaces that you’re pet walks on. 

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