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Welcome from Paws on 5th Pet Spa

Your 2021 & 2022 Platinum winning grooming salon, thanks to our clients support!  

Looking for a unique & fun environment for your furry friend? Then you're in the right place! Here at Paws on 5th, we don’t just like grooming, we love bonding. While your baby is here, they are treated with love, just like our own. We offer a stress-free environment & a friendly atmosphere. We not only cater to those fun & goofy dogs, but to our seniors, anxious, & fearful babies who have gotten older or maybe just had a bad experience. We make sure that all dogs either get one-on-one bonding time, or playtime with another furry friend as well as two 15 minute walks to the park & back.  Give us a call today & see what the bark is all about.

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Get to know your groomer

Hey there, I’m Asher! I’m the groomer & owner of Paws On 5th Pet Spa. I’m a pet dad of 2 dogs.  When I’m not working, I’m with the dogs hiking, swimming, or with friends enjoying life. I have a background as a veterinarian technician, worked side by side with some of Alabama’s finest dog trainers, trained under a worldwide champion groomer, & CPR certified. I am a supporter in the LGTBQ+ & a fighter for my brothers & sisters of color. I am also a supporter of our military offering a military discount for those that are active & non-active.  Besides my background in the animal medical field, I also specialize with dogs that have aggressive temperaments & offer a different technique that allows them to have a trusting place to go.

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My Services

Appointments are needed.

Please note my staff is commission based, so when you don’t come in they don’t get paid. This means all cancellations have a $30 fee due immediately. All no call no shows will not be allowed to reschedule.  

As a knowledgeable Dog Groomer I offer a full-range of services designed to give your pet the best care possible. Depending on their needs, I can tailor my service list to make sure they get all the attention they deserve.


Basic info.

Please note that all prices are a “starting” price. They are subject to change due to coat condition, temperament, & the time it takes to groom your pet. our average groom time is between 30min & an hour. Any dog that exceeds that will have extra charges. Please note if we see fleas, you will be charged automatically. this charge includes the treatment of the coat & the environment.

Sleeping Dogs


All dogs get playtime while being at Paws. We do not give out times, however, can accommodate an arranged time if made when scheduling your appointment.

Our dogs get to go on two 15-minute walks to the park and/or playtime with other furry friends as well as any activities we have for them. We have a dog swimming pool located in the back, as well as a fenced in yard & toys. 

Dog Portrait


Let your dog relax and be pampered by us. Our baths vary from “basic” bath to “deluxe” bath. We offer packages that will fit your budget. All bath packages include the toenails clipped, ears cleaned, bath, & blowout, as well as something cute to wear to show off their spa day. 

Basic pricing: 

Small - $28

Med - $33

Large - $38

XL - $48

Deluxe pricing: 

Small - $58

Med - $63

Large - $68

XL - $78

The deluxe adds nail filing, teeth brushing, whitening shampoo or coat brightening, a detoxifying shampoo, paw scrub/balm, anal gland expression, coat conditioning spray, a treat bag & now offering a full body sugar scrub. This scrub helps with allergies, itching, yeasty smells & is all natural.  Our balm helps protect against hot/cold/rough surfaces that you’re pet walks on. 

Dog Walker at the Park

A La Carte Pricing 

  • Hair dying (non-toxic, animal safe) - $25+  

  • Nail filing - $20

  • Ear plucking - $10

  • Anal gland expression - $15

  • Pads & eye trim (no bath) - $20

  • Teeth brushing - $15

  • Facial scrub (good for tear stains) - $10

  • Paw scrub & balm - $15 (Softens & repairs those cracked pads & protects against hot surfaces & rocky areas using the balm) 



This Deshed isn’t your basic “furminator. Asher created this one-of-a-kind, 5 step process, based off of his shepherds, labs, & cats that he’s had over the years.

This caused him to be able to master a Deshed to for short & long haired breeds as well as cats. Please note that your first time visit is the most expensive because it’s the most invasive, after that, we set you up in a 6-8 weeks maintenance Deshed that saves you a lot of money! 

We have two times a year that the price increases - when we blow their winter & summer coat. 

Don’t jump to shave your dog (which is actually harmful for undercoated dogs), call and allow us to show you a miracle. 

First time visit pricing: 

Short & long hair with NO undercoat.

Sm-med - $45+

Lrg-xl - $55+


Sm-med - $55+

Lrg-XL - $75+

Happy Pup

Puppy program 

This is an introductory to your puppy’s first-time groom.

We want to ensure that your puppy has a positive first experience and by doing so, we only go as far as your puppy will allow.

All pups get a tidy up but may not be ready for a full groom and we don’t want to stress them out. When you force a puppy to have a full hair cut on their first visit, it causes them to be skittish of the grooming process and scared of us as well. No worries though, because we will give you tips to do at home to help speed up this process & make sure he or she is ready very soon. 
Sm-med - $53+ 

Lrg-XL - $68+ 

Dog Haircut


Ask us about our packages! We have designed packages for those with active lives & children or for our active & dirty dogs. Our packages range from weekly or bi-weekly & give you a discount as well. All packages start the day of purchase & do not extend if you miss your week. We understand that brushing your dog daily may not happen, so we are here to help, that way no dog has to get shaved down or remain stinky. 

Didn’t find the service you need? Feel free to reach out.

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Contact Me

Please get in touch if I seem like the right Dog Groomer for you and your pet. I’m looking forward to hearing from you.

504 Scott St Homewood, Al 35209


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